Critical Alert Universal Gauge

Critical Alert Universal Gauge
    Product No.
    This innovative low pressure alarm is used to provide 24/7 monitoring of cylinder oxygen pressure and provide visual and audible low pressure alarms, to prevent costly gas interruption.

    The gauge is compatible with integrated valve systems, CGA-870 oxygen regulators, oxygen conserving regulators and EMS style regulators.

    • Analog Pressure Gauge with Electronic Low Pressure Alarms
    • LED Color Coded Status Lights Indicate Cylinder Pressure and Battery Life
    • Patented Innovative Design
    • Electronic Power Button Technology
    • Patent Pending


    • 24/7 Cylinder Content Monitoring
    • Minimizes Risk of Costly Gas Interruption
    • Delivers Visual & Audible Low Pressure Alarms
    • Decreases Expensive Emergency Deliveries
    • Extended Battery Life
    • Compatible with:
      • Integrated Valve Systems
      • CGA 870 Oxygen Regulators
      • Oxygen Conservers
      • EMS Regulators
      • Industrial Gas Regulators

    Product Specifications

    • Gauge Size: 1-5/8" Diameter. 1.7" Overall Height
    • Case: Stainless Steel
    • Connection: 1/8 NPT Brass Center Back Mount Male Connection
    • Battery: 4 Coin Cell Batteries – CR1632 (2 year average life)
    • Audible Alarm: Audible Tone Indicates Gas Pressure is At or Below 500 PSI
    • LED Light Indicators:
      • Flashing Green LED Light Indicates Gas Pressure is Above 500 PSI
      • Flashing Red LED Light Indicates Gas Pressure is At or Below 500 PSI
      • Flashing Yellow LED Light Indicates Battery Power is Low & Time to Change